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  1. Surplus food redistribution
    M&S have announced that they’ll be working with neighbourly to launch a new surplus food redistribution scheme. The initiative will help get surplus food to where it is most needed in the community – to people and not bins. The new neighbourly Food tool will allow charities to easily register and receive food alerts from local M&S stores. Donations will include products nearing their expiry date including fruit, vegetables, bread, cakes and groceries. If you know a charity that would benefit from free surplus food or know of a retailer or manufacturer that has surplus edible food contact food@neighbourly.com

  2. Adult care community support services Bristol City Council has launched a consultation about the future of community support services in the city. The 12 week consultation gives citizens and providers of these services a chance to have their say about what’s currently working well and how services can be maintained and improved within a context of increasing pressures on council budgets. Visit http://tinyurl.com/o4fk6em

  3. ACORN October meeting
    Tuesday 27 October, 6.30pm, ACORN Offices, CWU building, 20 Church Road The ACORN community union is a social justice organisation of low and moderate-income people working collectively to improve our neighbourhoods and communities. They are currently running a campaign for tenants’ rights and improved standards in rental properties across the city. Visit http://www.acorncommunities.org.uk
    Organisation: Caring in Bristol

  4. Hey,

    Just seen your success with your petition to get an empty building opened up for the homeless so i just wanted to take the time to congratulate you on that victory. I am chairman of an outreach team here in Belfast by the name of Amethyst Outreach. We currently have a date for the 26th Feb 2016 to hand in our petition which has over 16,000 signatures. Hopefully we will be successful as you have. So congratulations again from Amethyst Outreach.


    1. Hi Gary

      I think it’s fair to say that the petition showed the degree pf public support for initiatives that were already underway but required a level of volunteer support. Homeless people need homes and pathways to get there. Shelters are a temporary solution but must be safely managed – & that’s where volunteers come in. I hope your 16,000 supporters also include some people who are willing to give their time and practical support to local initiatives as well.

    Drop-in services at the Compass Centre have moved to clinic-based open-access at specific times – please see attached. Drop-in Outreach duty assessments and reassessments are now Mon-Tue at 2pm and Wed-Fri at 10am. People who are sleeping rough can be signposted to these slots but where possible and appropriate please make a referral instead. People will need to arrive at those times and sign up to be seen in a slot that morning/afternoon. Outreach workers will be increasing street outreach shifts and drop-in services at other locations so that they can engage better with rough sleepers who do not access the Compass Centre.

    We are also in the middle of an extended trial period of not offering lunch to users of the Compass Centre – we were having a high number of people who attended just during the lunch period and it was taking about 4-5 person-hours per day to manage, which can now be spent on Outreach casework and adds the equivalent capacity of an extra 3.5 day per week worker. Feedback from rough sleepers during the consultation has consistently been that there is a lot of food provided in Bristol that they can access.

    Please help us to get the word out to people who are or may be at risk of sleeping rough – the focus is on connecting people with an Outreach Case Worker rather than focusing on the Compass Centre itself. If any clients/service users have particularly strong views about the changes, we would like to discuss with them what we are doing and why – we have found so far that everyone has been positive about the changes in context. There are some people who feel Bristol needs another day centre and more lunch provision; there are always both advantages and disadvantages to increasing open access to supportive services. However we share the view that extra resources would be very welcome (wouldn’t they always?!)

    We are more than happy to come out and brief partner staff when there are opportunities. A 10 minute briefing followed by Q&A could be part of a team meeting / briefing meeting. Please get in touch if this would be of interest.

  6. Register for the Big Housing Conversation on Wed 7th Sept 2016 at 17.30pm at City Hall
    Join Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, and Cabinet Lead for Homes, Councillor Paul Smith, to contribute to setting priorities for the local housing agenda. Topics include
    •What should we do about homelessness?
    •What can we do to get more social housing?

  7. There has to be a way to deal with this especially in the lines of what this organisation – http://www.shelter.org.uk/ is doing to help raise funds for supporting families in Britain from losing their home. They stated on their website that £30 could stop a family losing their home.

  8. As an experienced “rough sleeper”, I’d just like to point out a few things: First, you can’t work if your sleeping in a tent or shop doorway, it just not practical – ( DWP please note ). Second, most housing “options” that come up are wholy unsuitable for many of us – we don’t want to be in a hostel or shared accommodation with drug users and alcoholics, we’d rather stay as we are. Third, food is not a problem, there’s already enough free food in Bristol. Fourth, the council still persistently refuses to acknowledge how many rough sleepers there are – the latest figure of 97 is nowhere near the real number – I know that many tenters, and they’re never counted because the counters simply don’t know where they are. Fifth, and most important, you need to have experienced rough sleeping to understand it, it’s not in a text book, it’s not at a conference, it’s mentally devastating, regardless of how happy some may appear, it’s when can I get a shower or clean clothes, what do I do to relieve the boredom, am I going to get moved on again tonight, are some students going to abuse me again, it’s looks from people, it’s, in many cases, having no money, no possessions of note, it’s loneliness, it’s queuing in the rain outside the Goose, finding out the showers at wherever are broken again. You can some it up in something I said to a friend in the same situation as me – You know life’s not going well when you find a full packet of dry Rizlas on the pavement and think “Wow, result”.

  9. Do you want to make a difference to homelessness in Bristol, do you have skills in Bookkeeping or Fundraising? If so, we’d love to hear from you!

    CHAS (Bristol) is recruiting two part-time posts:

    Finance and Office Administrator– 16 hours a week, £19,000- £23,500 (Pro rata)
    You will be administering the charity’s finances, such as making payments, monitoring transactions and generating financial reports. Additionally you will be assisting with general administrative matters and the smooth running of the office.

    Fundraising and Communications Officer– 17.5 hours a week, £23,500- £27,000 (Pro rata)
    You will be overseeing CHAS’ fundraising programme, writing applications for funding and reports to funders. You will also support the development of CHAS’ communications.

  10. Hiya, Thank you for inviting HHB to the meeting this evening. I think it was very productive us all working together and listening to different ideas as to how we can raise awareness for Homeless Action Week.

    If you do go with the idea of Food Feast for all I would really like to be involved and feel we would be able to raise lots of awareness along with volunteers and helping towards the cost.

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