Bristol Online Homelessness Information

Using a model similar to Street Support in Leeds and Manchester, there is a need for a new website containing all information pertaining to homelessness in Bristol. The site would be a central resource both for people at risk of or experiencing homelessness, agencies working with them, and people that wanted to volunteer, or had ideas about how to help.

Ben Richardson from Caring in Bristol has put together a proposal for how this might be done ” Bristol online homelessness information ” and your views are invited.

Please post your views here and email if you’re interested in getting involved; we hope to set up a meeting during May to plan the way forward.


Bristol Homeless Connect is now up and running.

4 thoughts on “Bristol Online Homelessness Information”

  1. An excellent start for a much-needed tool. I was involved in an earlier attempt to do something similar and should be able to find the spec we drew up then. The ‘mythbusting’ questions would naturally fit into this model, with each myth taking you to the service details which provide the facts. It is important the various services ‘advertising’ on the site do not see it as a sales pitch: as well as the “this is what we do” details, it also need to make the limitations and exclusions very clear (such as ‘no dogs’). Need to think about how up to date the information should be: if a service has to close unexpectedly for a few days or a few weeks, does the web site need to be updated?

    1. The Survival Handbook will be the foundation for listed services with an additional contribution from those services on how to help (volunteers, donations).
      I would suggest that newsfeeds/comments will enable short notice changes without complete site update with added links to service sites where available.
      Agreed re mythbusting questions, especially “I’m homeless, where do I go to get …..” questions.

  2. Hi I have a bag of warm coats. The Breakfast run say they have no more room. Please could you suggest where U can take them or have them picked up

    Many thanks & regards

    1. Hi Briege, I’ve a feeling most local charities are in the same position as there was so much generosity in the pre-Christmas build up.
      You might want to donate to the Salvation Army charity shop, that’s where many homeless people in need are directed. Best wishes

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