Faculty for Homeless & Inclusion Health

The Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health helps doctors, nurses, housing workers, and people working with excluded people who have health problems to come together and share information and resources.

We’ve been aware that homelessness is rising across the southwest for some time, and have been supporting Bristol Royal Infirmary, GPs and groups across the southwest to support homeless patients. We’re really keen to bring together everyone working in health across the region, and reach out to more homelessness and housing groups too. We’re holding our first meeting across the region on 4 December, 1-4 at the Trinity Centre in Bristol.

It’s all free to attend (our work is funded by Lankelly Chase Foundation). All the meeting details are here: http://www.pathway.org.uk/training-and-events/

If you can’t come, but would like to join The Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health, there are details here: http://www.pathway.org.uk/training-and-events/

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