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‘I just want people to feel like people again’

Life on the streets can be a tough and dehumanising experience – but one Bristol woman is seeking to challenge the bias surrounding homelessness, one cup of tea at a time.

Sarah Jade plans to open a ‘Humanitea Cafe,’ which she hopes will act as a hub for the wider community, as well as a central point with facilities, food and clothes for the city’s rough sleepers.

The concept is simple – anyone who buys a hot drink is handed a token to give to someone they think needs it, be they homeless, at risk of being homeless, or in need of help and support.

South West: Attitudes Towards Homelessness Survey

The Salvation Army compares public attitudes to the reality.

More than half of people in South West do nothing when they see someone who is homeless”

“…a worrying gap between the reality of what it’s like to be homeless and the perception of the general public.”

“..a lack of understanding around who can be affected by homelessness…”

“Our extensive experience has shown us that homelessness can affect anyone, and so it is surprising that the Ipsos MORI poll has revealed 46 per cent of people in the South West don’t think that they, or someone close to them could ever experience homelessness. “

Contact Open Day for the Homeless

Facebook Events – Contact Open Day

Wednesday August 23rd  11 to 1:30pm

The Gallery Space, The Island, 1st Floor
Bridewell Street, BS1 2LE
Bristol NCS Wave 5 Team 2 are hosting this event.
Admission is free and it is open to both the public and the homeless. We will be distributing food, clothing, sanitary products and other donated items, as well as inviting charities to talk to both the public and the homeless to make everyone more aware of the services available to them and to help break down stigma surrounding homelessness.
If you would like to get involved, donate or know any charities, shelters or stores we could contact, please get in touch with us at or 07584 190555
Otherwise please just come along