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Contact Open Day for the Homeless

Facebook Events – Contact Open Day

Wednesday August 23rd  11 to 1:30pm

The Gallery Space, The Island, 1st Floor
Bridewell Street, BS1 2LE
Bristol NCS Wave 5 Team 2 are hosting this event.
Admission is free and it is open to both the public and the homeless. We will be distributing food, clothing, sanitary products and other donated items, as well as inviting charities to talk to both the public and the homeless to make everyone more aware of the services available to them and to help break down stigma surrounding homelessness.
If you would like to get involved, donate or know any charities, shelters or stores we could contact, please get in touch with us at or 07584 190555
Otherwise please just come along



Conference Hall, Bristol City Hall
College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TR

Bristol City Council is looking into a Bristol pilot of the national Feeding Britain programme, which is working towards a hunger-free United Kingdom –
Please join us for this Open Space event if you are working in this sector in Bristol, from organisations helping people in crisis, to those involved in community food growing.
We would like to hear your ideas for and decide on activities we can take forward together for alleviating hunger, and reducing vulnerability to hunger, in our city in the months and years ahead. Event to be opened by the Mayor of Bristol,

Book through Eventbrite


Bristol Online Homelessness Information

Using a model similar to Street Support in Leeds and Manchester, there is a need for a new website containing all information pertaining to homelessness in Bristol. The site would be a central resource both for people at risk of or experiencing homelessness, agencies working with them, and people that wanted to volunteer, or had ideas about how to help.

Ben Richardson from Caring in Bristol has put together a proposal for how this might be done ” Bristol online homelessness information ” and your views are invited.

Please post your views here and email if you’re interested in getting involved; we hope to set up a meeting during May to plan the way forward.


Bristol Homeless Connect is now up and running.

Warning About Outbreak of Rare Infection in Bristol

November 2016 –

A warning has been sent round to homeless hostels and to drug and alcohol services about a rare infection which is spreading in intravenous drug users and homeless people in Bristol and a few other areas in the country.

The infection is a specific type of iGAS (invasive Group A Streptococcus) called ‘emm66‘.   Since January 2016, there have been 15 cases nationwide, 6 of which were in Bristol.  The symptoms are:

  • sore throats or mild skin infections such as impetigo;
  • high fever;
  • severe muscle aches;
  • localised muscle tenderness; and
  • redness at the site of a wound.

If you see these symptoms in a vulnerable person, please contact the Health Protection Unit for Avon, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire -telephone 0300 3038162, option 1, option 2 and quote the reference number ‘HPZ170014’.

For more information, please see these two documents: