For the 11th year running Bristol Homeless Forum will be arranging for a sponsored sleepout to take place at Pip’n’Jay church on Friday night 11th October 2019. In 2018 we were snowed off by the Beast from the East and have changed the season by popular demand.

The arrangements are very similar to previous years but we are increasing the organisation registration fee to £5 per head based on the number of participants spaces you want us to reserve for you.

This is not only a fairer way to recognise the different size groups who participate but will also raise funds towards other Homeless Forum activities such as Homeless Action Week.

We have sent invitations and application forms to organisations who participated or showed interest in past years.

If your organisation has not received an invitation and you want to take part you can request an application form by emailing us at but do check the conditions below to be sure we would be able to accept you if space is available.

Organisations who have registered successfully will be listed on this web page after which you may start to enlist participants and start fundraising.

Successful registration will depend on

  • Full completion of the application form (supplied on request)
  • Acceptance of all conditions of participation which will include
    • Providing evidence of adequate insurance cover for your participation
    • Having named stewards on the evening to manage your participants and assist with the event overall.

Homelessness is our problem