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Bristol Homeless Forum is open to any individual or organisation working with homeless people and homelessness issues in Bristol. If you have something to say feel free to use the comments sections throughout the site.

World Homeless Week 7-14 October – get involved

& it starts with Homeless Sunday October 7th

Check out what we’re doing for Homeless Action Week 2019 (w/c May 13)

If you’re in Manchester October 10-14 Check This Out

On October 10, Waterstones are hosting an evening with Séamus Fox, a formerly homeless man and Emmaus companion, who has written ‘No Homeless Problem and other poems‘. We hope the evening will bring attention to the issue of homelessness as well as the book itself.

Séamus  wrote ‘No Homeless Problem and other poems”  to give an “insight into how different people may become homeless and how they attempt to survive on the street. I want people who have never been homeless or who have never known homeless people to search in their souls for shreds of compassion.”

Here’s an A4 poster for the event

Click here if you have questions on  Homelessness in Bristol

& checkout Bristol Homeless Connect for all services.

& this page on ‘Framing our message‘ (courtesy Crisis) and a 2nd part to their report is here

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There is currently a campaign running to fund shelter provision across the city, check it out here
There are two great films to go with it
Two sides – https://youtu.be/hyt5II3Xtns
Safer off the Streets – https://youtu.be/7xqIzyroPhU

If you just want to understand homelessness a bit better you can look at this short animated video from BBC2 which is a wonderfully concise summary https://t.co/mABQEY8xDh



Homelessness is our problem